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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Programming FPGAs with Python

py For everyone who wants to get started with developing for FPGA’s and dont want to waste time in learning a new programming  language or they just want to use their current knowledge of programming with Python to program an FPGA, this tool is just made for you!

The Python Hardware Processsor is written in Myhdl which makes it possible to run a very small subset of python on an FPGA, it converts a very simple Python code into either VHDL or Verilog and then a hardware description can be uploaded to the FPGA:

“Due to the python nature of Myhdl and the Python Hardware Prozessor written with it, it allows you, to write a Programm for the prozessor, to simulate the Hardware Processor and to convert the Processor to a valid hardware description (VHDL or Verilog) inside a single python environment.”

MyHDL surely won’t replace VHDL or Verilog but it could be a great tool for simulation and to test the behavior of your design and it’s certainly a tool worth looking into if you want to jump into the world of FPGAs.

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