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Saturday 18 May 2013

flexible heart monitor thinner than a dollar bill

12625-babyskin_news Stanford Engineers combine layers of flexible materials into pressure sensors to create a wearable heart monitor thinner than a dollar bill. The skin-like device could one day provide doctors with a safer way to check the condition of a patient's heart.

Most of us don't ponder our pulses outside of the gym. But doctors use the human pulse as a diagnostic tool to monitor heart health.

Zhenan Bao, a professor of chemical engineering at Stanford, has developed a heart monitor thinner than a dollar bill and no wider than a postage stamp. The flexible skin-like monitor, worn under an adhesive bandage on the wrist, is sensitive enough to help doctors detect stiff arteries and cardiovascular problems.

The devices could one day be used to continuously track heart health and provide doctors a safer method of measuring a key vital sign for newborn and other high-risk surgery patients.


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Linux/Unix - Search and remove files with one find command on fly

Some time it is necessary to find out files and remove them as we need to do today. However, rm command does not support search criteria.

However, with find command you can search for files in a directory and remove them on fly.

You need to combine find and rm command together.

Fortunately find command makes this operation quite easy.

You can use find command as follows:

find . -type d -print | grep <file_name/dir_name> | xargs -n1 rm -rf

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