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Monday 7 January 2013

What to expect at the VLSI Conf Pune 2013

The 26th International Conference on VLSI Design is currently going on at the Hyatt, in Pune (Jan 7th to 9th, 2013), and with a large number of keynotes, research paper presentations, panel discussions, workshops and other things being presented in 5 different tracks to 800+ delegates, it is full of activity for anyone interested in the field of VLSI design/EDA/Embedded systems.

Here are the details of the technical program:

  • New Research Ideas
    • Often 5-10 years from practical applications
    • 3 parallel tracks from 7th to 9th Jan
  • User/Designer Track
    • Novel ideas to and from practitioners (not researchers)
    • Can be used today to enhance your next design
    • One track on 7th and 8th Jan
  • Student-Oriented Talks/Workshops
  • Design Contest
  • Industry Form
  • 9 keynotes: by people from LSI, IBM, Marvell, APM, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Intel, Solarsis, Xilinx
  • Panels and Embedded Tutorials for people new to the field
  • 66 accepted talks, out of 310 submissions, in all areas of design/EDA/embedded systems

There are 23 companies who have set up exhibit stalls, and includes Intel, QLogic, Xilinx, TI, ARM, Agilent and a bunch of other companies, and includes many companies who have significant Pune presence.


Day 1 7th January 2013 Inauguration, Technical Sessions, Exhibits, Student Conference
Day 2 8th January 2013 Valedictory/Award, Technical Sessions, Exhibits, Student Conference
Day 3 9th January 2013 Technical Sessions, Exhibits, RASDAT 2013
Day 4 10th January 2013 RASDAT 2013
Day T1 5th January 2013 Tutorials
Day T2 6th January 2013 Tutorials


Regular Paper Submissions

24th July, 2012 (Closed)

Tutorial Submissions

17th August, 2012 (Closed)

User/Designer Submissions

24th August, 2012 (Closed)

Call for embedded tutorials,

24th August, 2012 (Closed)

special sessions, and panels

Design Contest Submission

30th November, 2012 (Final deadline)

User Track Acceptance Notification

19th October, 2012 (Closed)

Camera ready paper due

15th October, 2012 (Closed)

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