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Tuesday 18 December 2012


Formal Definition

Suspend is a process that stops executing and waits either for an event or for a time period to elapse.


When a wait statement is encountered in a process, the process becomes suspended, i.e. it stops its execution until the condition supported by the wait statement is met. Depending upon the type of a wait statement there can be several conditions for resuming (continuing execution of) a suspended process:

  • timeout specified has expired (wait for statement)
  • a logical condition is met (wait until statement)
  • an event on a signal took place (wait on statement)

See wait statement for details.


Example 1

wait until CLK'event and CLK='0';

A process containing such a wait statement will be suspended until a falling edge on the CLK signal will be encountered.

Important Notes

  • If no condition is specified in a wait statement, the process suspends forever.

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