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Thursday 8 December 2011

Mixed Language Simulation In VLSI

Most of Simulation Tools supports mixed language project files and mixed language simulation. This enables you to include Verilog modules in a VHDL design, and vice versa. Some restrictions do apply:

  • Mixing VHDL and Verilog is restricted to the module instance or component only. A VHDL design can instantiate Verilog modules and a Verilog design can instantiate VHDL components. Any other kind of mixing between VHDL and Verilog is not supported.
  • A Verilog hierarchical reference cannot refer to a VHDL unit nor can a VHDL expanded/selected name refer to a Verilog unit.
  • Only a small subset of VHDL types, generics and ports are allowed on the boundary to a Verilog module. Similarly, a small subset of Verilog types, parameters and ports are allowed on the boundary to VHDL design unit.
  • Component instantiation-based default binding is used for binding a Verilog module to a VHDL design unit. Specifically, configuration specification, direct instantiation and component configurations are not supported for a Verilog module instantiated inside a VHDL design unit.


1. VHDL Design With Verilog Testbench

2. Verilog Design With VHDL Testbench

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