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Monday 26 January 2015

SystemVerilog Net Type

In Verilog, Net data types are used to model physical connections. They do not store values (there is only one exception - trireg, which stores a previously assigned value). The net data types have the value of their drivers. If a net variable has no driver, then it has a high-impedance value (z).

Verilog allows you to use nets without defining them, a feature called implicit nets. This shortcut helps net-listing tools and lazy designers, but is guaranteed to cause problems if you ever
misspell a net name in your SystemVerilog code. The solution is to disable this language feature with the Verilog-2001 compile directive: ‘default_nettype none. Put this (without a period) before the first module in your Verilog code. Any implicit net will cause a compilation error.

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