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Thursday 11 April 2013

20nm 32-Gbps transceiver from Altera

Altera_20nm_transceiver Altera has announced the successfull demonstration of a programmable device, with 32-Gbps transceiver capabilities, based on TSMC's 20SoC process technology.

The company states that this validates the performance capabilities of 20nm silicon and is a positive indicator for next-generation devices in performance demanding, bandwidth-centric applications.

“Today’s news represents a significant milestone for the industry and for the transceiver development team at Altera,” said Vince Hu, vice president of product and corporate marketing at Altera.

“These 20 nm devices contain the key IP components that will be included in our next-generation FPGAs and validating them now provides us confidence we will deliver to the market 20 nm FPGAs on schedule.”

For more information, see www.altera.com/32gbps-20nm

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