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Sunday 24 June 2012

SystemVerilog Data Types

SystemVerilog offers many improved data structures compared with Verilog. Some of these were created for designers but are also useful for testbenches. In this post of SystemVerilog Tutorial you will learn about the data structures most useful for verification.

SystemVerilog introduces new data types with the following benefits.
  1. Two-state: better performance, reduced memory usage.
  2. Queues, dynamic and associative arrays and automatic storage: reduced memory usage, built-in support for searching and sorting
  3. Unions and packed structures: allows multiple views of the same data
  4. Classes and structures: support for abstract data structures
  5. Strings: built-in string support
  6. Enumerated types: code is easier to write and understand
Learn More about Systemverilog Data types :

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