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Wednesday 13 March 2013

New superfast RFIC developed by Korean Researchers

RFIC South Korea has developed a new radio frequency (RF) chip, which it has dubbed the world's fastest wireless technology, capable of sending and receiving 10 gigabits per second over the 60 Gigahertz (Ghz) waveband.

The new RF chip could be a new competitive differentiator for smartphones.

The RF chip was developed by a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), according to a report Tuesday by Yonhap.
For example, the chip can transmit a 4.7 gigabyte movie file in just 3.76 seconds, while the same file transfer would take more than 3 minutes over Wi-Fi and over 200 minutes via Bluetooth.

"It is a key new technology that can greatly increase the competitiveness of the country's smartphones. The chip can also replace various cables that existing televisions require, which means it can be used not only in smartphones but also in other mobile devices, such as cameras," said Park Cheol-soon, a KAIST professor in charge of the research, in the report.
The size of the chip has also been minimized for use in small mobile devices by needing only one antenna for transmission of both outgoing and incoming data, unlike conventional RF chips, noted the report.

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