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Monday 3 October 2011

25th International conference on VLSI Design to bring back VLSI Industry into Spotlight

Conf on VLSI Design 2012 One of the key features of this Silver Jubilee conference is the ‘Student Project Contest’ of ‘Students Forum’ in which over 1000 students are expected to participate.

The 25th International conference on VLSI Design and 11th International Conference on Embedded Systems will be held at HICC, Hyderabad from January 7-11, 2012. This Silver Jubilee conference expects to bring back the spotlight to Hyderabad that hosts the finest multinational players in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems.

One of the key features of this Silver Jubilee conference is the ‘Student Project Contest’ of ‘Students Forum’ in which over 1000 students are expected to participate. ‘Students Forum’ helps the students know their career pathways and understand the technological trends in the industry. Attractive prizes will be given to the winners of the Student Project Contest. The competition is open to all BTech Grads including final year students. The last day for submission of papers is November 1, 2011.

“Participating students can benefit immensely from this silver jubilee conference,” Dasaradha Gude, Silver Jubilee Conference Convenor of 25th International VLSI Conference and 11th Embedded Systems conference, said. ‘The conference will enable them to meet with industry stalwarts, know the emerging trends in the sector and get clarity in new career opportunities. The ‘Student Paper Project’ Competition will allow the students to showcase their design skills and gain feedback from internationally acknowledged experts in the field.’

The conference also offers a big fellowship programme to support faculty & researchers who are not in a position to arrange for their own funds to attend the conference.

The 5 daylong conferences is expected to attract more than 2000 participants and will cover 2 days tutorial sessions followed by three days of regular paper sessions, special sessions, and embedded tutorials. A Reliability Aware System Design & Test (RASDAT) workshop will also be held. Industry presentation sessions, panel discussions, design contest, student project contest and industrial exhibits round off the program.

This is the third time that Hyderabad will be hosting the International VLSI Design and Embedded Systems Conference in a short span of 5 years. This indicates the strength and vitality of the VLSI & Embedded Systems Industry in Hyderabad.

“The VLSI Industry plays a crucial role in building the Technology Ecosystem and is a great catalyst in creating jobs especially in the software and application development sector” Gude said. Every chip rolled out from the industry brings new jobs for the software, programmers and application development engineers.’ He said Hyderabad is already in the world map with its engineers creating new chip for apple and also developing the first fusion chip.”

“The demand for VLSI Design and Embedded Systems talent has almost doubled over the last few years in the city with the requirement touching from the present level of  2000 to 4000.” JA Chowdary, Silver Jubilee Special Chair, JA Chowdary said while addressing the media in Hyderabad today.

This joint global level conference is a forum for researchers and designers to present and discuss various aspects of VLSI Design (Front-end & Back-end), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Embedded Systems, and Enabling Technologies. It covers the entire spectrum of activities in the two vital areas of very large scale integration (VLSI) and Embedded Systems, which underpin the semiconductor industry.

“we expect this silver jubilee conference to bring back the spotlight to Hyderabad’s VLSI Design and Embedded System sector advancement. Our focus this year is on Embedded Solutions for Emerging Markets - Consumer, Energy and Automotive. This is a premier global level annual event that provides a platform for Students, Industry Leaders and Design Experts to discuss the growth strategies in the context of VLSI Design and Embedded Systems both in the region and globally.” Gude added

The Silver Jubilee Conference Special Chair, JA Chowdary in his comments said “The industry faces different complex issues when looking at new opportunity to grow globally both in product design and development as each country poses different challenges. We expect this year’s event will offer great networking and knowledge sharing opportunity not only for industry leaders but also for students, researchers and academicians.”

Keynote addresses by veterans in the industry will highlight the VLSI Design and Embedded Systems Conference. The conference featuring speakers from both design and technology field will give penetrating speeches to all the audience. More details of the conference program session will be released in January, 2012.

The conference is proud to create an annual platform for technical exchanges by experts from all over the world on the advancements in semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing.

Dr. Vishwani Agrawal is the Steering Committee Chair. Mr. J. A. Chowdary is the Silver Jubilee Special Chair. Mr. Dasaradha R Gude is the Silver Jubilee Conference Convener. Mr.Srimat Chakradhar is the General Chair of this Silver Jubilee Conference.

The 2011 Conference successfully attracted about 1000 attendees with a very high-quality program featuring three keynote speeches, two special sessions, invited talks, technical sessions with technical papers presented, and two short courses. Both the contributing and invited papers are of high quality, and are presented by industrial and academic leaders and students from over 10 countries.

Source : India Infoline News Service / 10:39 , Sep 29, 2011

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