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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Xilinx ISE Design suite 10.1

Xilinx Integrated Software Environment (ISE) is a powerful yet flexible integrated design environment that allows you to design Xilinx FPGA and CPLD devices from start to finish. ISE includes our world class design entry, synthesis and implementation tools delivering the industry's fastest place and route times, highest performance, and most advanced design methodologies.
Project Navigator is the user interface that helps you manage the entire design process including design entry, simulation, synthesis, implementation and finally download the configuration of your FPGA or CPLD device.
The following is an outline of the features offered in ISE.

Design Entry

  • HDL Editor
  • StateCAD State Machine Editor
  • Schematic Editor - Engineering Capture System (ECS)
  • CORE Generator


  • XST - Xilinx Synthesis Technology
  • Integration with LeonardoSpectrum from Mentor Graphics, Inc.
  • Integration with Synplify from Synplicity, Inc.


  • HDL Bencher Testbench Generator
  • Integration with ModelSim Simulator from Model Technology, Inc.


  • Translate
  • MAP
  • Place and Route (PAR)
  • Floorplanner
  • FPGA Editor
  • Timing Analyzer
  • XPower
  • Fit (CPLD only)
  • Chipviewer (CPLD only)

Device Download and Program File Formatting

  • BitGen
  • iMPACT

Download the Xilinx ISE 10.1 design suit from Here

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