SystemVerilog Virtual Interfaces

This is most common SystemVerilog interview question that is asked while you will appearing for the position of Verification Engineer.

As you know an interface encapsulate a group of inter-related wires, along with their directions (via mod-ports) , synchronization details (via clocking block) , functions and tasks.

The major usage of interface is to simplify the connection between modules.
But Interface can’t be instantiated inside program block, class (or similar non-module entity in System Verilog).

But we needed to be driven from verification environment like class.

To solve this issue virtual interface concept was introduced in System Verilog. A virtual interface is just a pointer to a physical interface. i.e. Virtual interface is a data type (that implies it can be instantiated in a class) which hold reference to an interface (that implies the class can drive the interface using the virtual interface).

Virtual interfaces provide a mechanism for separating abstract models and test programs from the actual signals that make up the design. A virtual interface allows the same subprogram to operate on different portions of a design and to dynamically control the set of signals associated with the subprogram. Instead of referring to the actual set of signals directly, users are able to manipulate a set of virtual signals. 

interface sample_if() ;  // SystemVerilog Interface
  logic a ;
  logic b ;
  modport TB(input a, output b) ; // Modport declaration 

class Driver ;
  virtual sample_if inf ;           // Virtual Interface declaration in class
  function new (sample_if inf)
    this.inf = inf ;
  task main () ;
  inf.a =a ;


  1. Could you please tell me why Interface can’t be instantiated inside program block, class (or similar non-module entity in System Verilog) ?

    1. A class is a dynamic property, which is created at run time while an interface is a static property, which is created at compile time. So, it is not possible to instantiate a physical interface inside a class. But, a handle of virtual interface is used to reference a physical interface.


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